Professional Nail Dust Collector 4Blanc Alizé with desk mount

Superflexible pantograph (holder) auto-commit. Secure Mounting to the table.
Superflexible pantograph (holder) auto-commit. Secure Mounting to the table.
A manicure table vacuum cleaner is an integral part of the equipment in every nail service salon. How well it works determines the health of the practitioner, the comfort of the client and how clean the space around it will be. The aesthetic appearance of a nail salon is always attractive. It’s a business card and it’s the owner’s reputation.

Manicure dust flying in the air creates additional cleaning hassle and is very dangerous for health. How to avoid it?

Possible solutions

Table vacuum cleaner for manicures. Affordable and compact device, good at removing manicure from the work surface, but it does not cope with fine dust. The fabric bag is not able to hermetically hold sawdust inside, which is also dangerous for the health of the practitioner and the client.

Another popular model is the built-in manicure hood. Its undoubted advantage is a HEPA filter that catches fine dust. A good solution, but the built-in table vacuum cleaner is not suitable for pedicure, as the device occupies a fixed place on the table and cannot be moved.

The air duct is mounted under the table top and this causes discomfort. The manicurist kneels down on the block and always feels the outflow of cold air, which can provoke colds. Often a built-in manicure vacuum cleaner leads to improper posture at work, resulting in back pain.

Comfort and health care

4BLANC Alizé is a powerful device for your safety, certified by patent and EAC quality certificate.
The innovative 4BLANC Alizé dust extractor is designed to create the best possible conditions for nail artists. Unlike recessed models, the top hood is versatile. In contrast to built-in models, the top extractor is versatile. It can easily be used for both manicures and pedicures. Suitable for professional salons and for those who work at home.

The 4BLANC Alizé is mobile and easy to use. Its undisputed advantage is its ability to create a powerful cyclone type airflow. The dust collector sucks up the smallest particles of sawdust. Passing through a robust filter, the air is 99.98% purified, something that can’t be achieved with a bag-based vacuum cleaner.

The 4BLANC Alizé does not occupy a separate place – it fits harmoniously into your working area. To install the device, you do not need to make a hole in the table, as is the case with embedded equipment. The secure mounting and flexible holder will help you to easily secure the vacuum cleaner in a comfortable position, which guarantees good health and correct posture for the nail artist. The exhaust air flow goes up, not under the feet of the practitioner. This protects against hypothermia and is good for your health.

Advantageous terms for our customers

You can buy the 4BLANC Alizé vacuum cleaner in our online store. It is also possible to order a free consultation on site.

Available for you:
  • 24-month engine warranty
  • Price $699.
You can order a table nail dust collector in our online store in the "Accessories" section.
You can order a table nail dust collector in our online store in the "Accessories" section.
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