Nail dust collector and pedicure chair

The pedicure chair is an important element of the salon.
Pedicure procedures are one of the most popular cosmetic services today. Covered nails look well-groomed and beautiful for a long time. It is also important to note that a woman goes to the nail salon for more than just beauty. She wants to take her mind off her work and relax during the long-term care. Therefore the question of how to choose a pedicure chair is relevant for every nail artist.

The main criterion when choosing a chair is the ability to adjust its height. The client’s foot should be at the technician’s eye level. This allows you to adopt a comfortable position, which will reduce muscle tension and greatly facilitate the work. If it’s uncomfortable to carry out manipulation, the spine suffers, blood vessels are constricted, and breathing is difficult. That means the nail technician’s health noticeably deteriorates.

Types of pedicure chairs

мощность педикюрнрой вытяжки 40 Вт
There are a variety of models:

  • Mechanical chairs are the cheapest and simplest model.
The nail technician manually raises the section and fixes it in the right position. This budget option is often chosen by beginners.

  • Hydraulic pedicure seats with pedal
It is a more comfortable model that is able to rise and fall smoothly. To adjust the height, you only need to tap the pedal a few times with your foot. One of the disadvantages of hydraulic control: with active use the mechanism can break down after six to twelve months. Not suitable for clients with a lot of weight — the chair will sag.

  • Electric pedicure chairs
This model stands out for its mobility. The seat can be equipped with 1−6 motors. The number depends on the functionality of the equipment: height adjustment, tilt angle of the back, position of the footrest, etc. Control in such a structure is carried out by means of a remote control. Generally, these are more expensive models. They serve for a long time and guarantee comfort to the client and technician, so buying even a single-engine seat is much more profitable than a hydraulic or mechanical model.

  • Recliner chairs
This is a high-tech seat whose backrest and footrest transform into different positions. Such an armchair is very convenient for clients and belongs to the "luxury" class, but to install it you will need to build a high podium.

When buying a pedicure chair, pay attention to the material the upholstery is made of. Avoid any material with nap. Choose leather or a quality substitute. Frequent disinfection and cleaning must be taken into account. The material must be wear-resistant, because of the frequent disinfection and cleaning that should be done in the salon — otherwise the upholstery will lose its attractive appearance very quickly.

Do not choose white material. Over time, it will pick up traces of the customer’s brightly colored clothes.
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A good pedicure chair is half the success of your business. The second important criterion is the draw.
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A good pedicure chair is half the success of your business. The second important criterion is the draw.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for pedicure

A lot of flying dust is formed when using equipment during the care procedure. Nail dust rises up right at the level of the pedicurist’s face and gets onto the mucous membrane and in to the respiratory tract. You can’t do without a nail dust extractor. It will not only protect from many diseases, but also ensure the cleanliness of the room.

Choosing a nail dust collector, focus on the strength with which it draws air, as you’ll need a powerful enough device for pedicure.

Also pay attention to the functionality of the vacuum cleaner. First of all, the dimensions and filtration method. It is convenient when the vacuum cleaner is mobile and does not occupy a separate place. Another advantage is a power regulator. It will help to adjust the functioning of the vacuum cleaner as economically and efficiently as possible.

Bag-mounted vacuum cleaners are an unsafe option. Dust is easily blown back into the air through the pores. In addition, the overflowing bag becomes a source of pathogenic bacteria and an unpleasant smell, and you need to carefully monitor its cleanliness.

A vacuum cleaner with a filter that captures fine dust and holds it firmly is a more professional solution. This is exactly what the 4BLANC floor extractor is.

4BLANC Alizé — style and quality

4BLANC generates a powerful cyclone type air flow so double cleaning occurs. Larger dust particles settle in a special vacuum cleaner niche, while the cellulose filter cleans 99.98% of the dusty air, something that bag vacuums cannot do.

The nail dust extractor does not take up any separate space. It can be easily installed on a pedicure table or cart with a secure attachment. The pedicure treatment can be made even more comfortable by using a special stand to move around the room. The built-in circular LED lamp has 4 levels of illumination, allowing you to choose comfortable brightness for the eyes.

In addition, 4BLANC Alizé looks elegant with any pedicure chair and will become not only an indispensable assistant, but also a decoration of the studio interior.

When is extra support needed and how do I use the vacuum cleaner and pedicure stand?

мощность педикюрнрой вытяжки 40 Вт
You will need a stand if you are using a regular chair. It will help to fix the client’s leg in the right position during the care procedure.

Choose a pedicure stand that adjusts in height and has a ottoman. It should have a comfortable anatomical recess and soft sides so that the client’s foot does not get stiff. It will have to be disinfected regularly, so look at the upholstery. Choose a quality material that is resistant to detergents.

In the case of a hardware pedicure, the pedicure stand option is very convenient. In combination with a vacuum cleaner it ensures a clean salon and comfort for both the nail artist and the client.

Be aware of the fact that flying dust rises during the hardware pedicure and foot treatment. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner should be located above the working area. You can install it on a floor stand or mount it to the pedestal. We recommend placing the hood on the left side at an angle, directing the air flow straight into the vacuum cleaner.
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